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Holy crap. I can barely believe I got this done.

Title: The Intersects Versus Plan B(ryce)
Artist: crescent_gaia (Who is over on livejournal)
Crossover: Chuck/Doctor Who/White Collar
Type: Mostly gen with hints of het and poly
Rating: PG
Word Count: roughly 15,100
Characters/Pairings: Chuck, Sarah, Bryce, Casey, The Doctor, River Song, Amy Pond, Rory Williams, Neal Caffrey, Peter Burke and others
Warnings: Violence and Swearing
Spoilers: Up to Season 2 of White Collar, Season 4 of Chuck and Season 6 of Doctor Who (2, 4, 6, *giggle*)
Summary: Sequel to Chuck Versus the Intersected Doppelganger. Neal and Bryce both get another message from the woman claiming to be their mother. Bryce gets it a little late, coming home from a mission, but does go out to New York with Chuck and Sarah, where it's planned. Neal goes first and meets River Song and the Doctor, their parents. When Bryce does arrive, he starts attacking the Doctor.

Figuring out what happened, The Doctor joins up with Team Bartowski and Neal and Peter, to get Bryce back and to stop Madame Kovarian once and for all.

Author’s Notes: I came up with a pretty good title. Oh, and I don't own anything recognizable.


Chapter Un
Chapter Deux
Chapter Trois
Chapter Quatre
Chapter Cinq

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Title:  Movie Night
Fandom: Hellboy
Prompt: cuddling
Medium: fic
Wordcount: 564
Rating: Gen
Warnings: Mentions of nightmares?
Summary: John's been having nightmares. And has been keeping himself awake. Liz has a plan and dragged Hellboy in.
Author's Note: Kinda a sequel to Only One Fourth, Ma'am, a story I have up on HC Bingo also

Story One )

Title:  Wine and Scotch
Fandom: White Collar/Chuck
Prompt: Hugs
Medium: fic
Wordcount: 561
Rating: Gen
Warnings: None
Summary: There was an unexpected visitor in Neal's apartment.
Author's Note: Yeah, I don't think I'm supposed to do two in an entry for HC Bingo. I don't care at the moment.

Story Two )
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Part Five )
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Part Four )


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Part Three )


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Part Two )



Jun. 9th, 2012 12:40 pm
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Title: Chuck Versus the Intersected Doppelganger
Author(s): me, [personal profile] samecgh
Artist: whogate
Crossover: White Collar/Chuck with mentions of Doctor Who
Type: Gen
Rating: PG
Word Count: 15,100 (I am very proud of that. It's one of my longest, finished stories to date.)
Characters/Pairings: For Chuck, we have Chuck Bartowski, Sarah Walker, John Casey, brief General Beckman and others that spoil the plot. In White Collar, we have Neal Caffrey, Peter Burke, appearances by Lauren Cruz, Clinton Jones, El Burke and a guest spot at the end.
Warnings: Violence
Spoilers: We have definite spoilers for the last season of Chuck and Season 3 of White Collar
Summary: Peters team and Team Bartowski have gotten together. The Ring has a money launder and while that's usually White Collar territory, Team B is also using it as a way to start the destruction of the Ring. Now, Neal has somehow acquired an Intersect. Intersect 2.0, one that should only have one copy. Chuck Bartowski. So where did Neals come from?
Author’s Notes: My second Big Bang. I am so proud. Everything is locked until the 18th.[personal profile] nevcolleil Unfortunately, due to Internet problems on [personal profile] nevcolleilnevcolleil 's side, this was not betaed. Which means there is quite possibly mistakes.

Part One
Part Two
Part Three
Part Four
Part Five
Part Six

Art Post -
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I have it done! I have it done!

Just barely beyond the 15,000 mark. Hopefully it won't go down.

[personal profile] nevcolleil , are you still able/willing to beta? If so, I have it saved in .odt format but I can switch it to something else.

I also have a sequel idea for next time. I should really write down an outline for it so I can get straight on it.
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So, I have a Power Rangers story to finish (or at least majorly complete) by the first of March.

Stupid me also just signed up for a Crossover Big Bang (10,000 or more and completed by June 1st). What did I choose? Oh nothing easy like Doctor Who with something. I choose White Collar and Chuck. I have not written very long fics in these fandoms.

There's a reason I can't write long fics. I'm not very good at it. Seriously.
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I'm on a roll today. Got one done, wrote a few others. Now if I could only work on the big bang that I need to get done soon.

None of these are beta'd. I don't think I need one.

Disclaimer: I do not own any character or fandom mentioned in this post. If you don't like it, don't take down Dreamwidth and Livejournal because of that.

Conflicted In Love

Rating: Lets just go with teen, nothing worse than what's been on Chuck

Characters|Pairings: Chuck, Sarah, Bryce | Bryce/Chuck/Sarah

Summary: Chuck is in love with both of them. Prompt from comment fic, here.

Notes: 2x03 Chuck versus the Break Up, AU (no break up. Ha ha!)

Disclaimer: Do not own. And if SOPA and PIPA gets passed, we won't have this stuff on the web anymore.


It's finally done. Yay! )


Chuck(/White Collar), Chuck/Bryce(!Neal), Every time Bryce thinks he's finally over Chuck, something renews his feelings for his old best friend.


Two in One Day! )


White Collar/Chuck, Bryce!Neal, During "Unfinished Business" Bryce gets closer and closer to the surface of Neal's mind

Too close


I'm on a roll )



Chuck/White Collar, Chuck/Bryce!Neal + Peter, Peter had no idea that Neal even knew Agent Charles "Mad Dog" Carmichael... Then he walks in on the two of them making out on Neal's couch.


Rolling, rolling, rolling )


Klingon translations (based of online translators)

ghobe' wa' - no one
tlhllHal - mine


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