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Title: Blocked in House
Fandom: Original
Prompt: Possession/Mind Control
Medium: fic
Wordcount: 605
Rating: G
Warnings: none
Summary: It looked like the beginning of a joke when she first woke up.

She woke up in a bedroom. It reminded her of the one that she stayed in when she went to her aunt's for spring break every year until high school. She stretched and got up to look out the windows and see the weather that would be brewing outside.

It was completely blank.

No sky, no ground. Everything was a blank white like she was staring at a piece of paper or canvas. “What?” she voiced, backing away and thinking about going outside to check around. This was her brother, she was sure of it. It was something to freak her out. The other windows showed her more white, but that didn't worry her yet. Her brother would have canvassed all the windows and possibly have done something to the doors so that it looked like she would walk out onto a fake plane of existence before she broke through and ended up on the yard.

The first floor wasn't furnished, and the area that she remembered the front door being was bare. “No,” she muttered, running to the kitchen. The little mud room that led outside didn't have a door either. “This makes no sense. Why can't I go outside?” With no doors, she thought about opening a window. “He couldn't have done this. This is more than what even he would have done. This is panic inducing and he wouldn't be this to me. This is not a prank.”

She went over to the biggest window in the house, the grand bay window in the living room. The latch undid itself easily. Sliding up the window didn't work. She tried various times to push it up by the bar with the latch, the way most people did. When she moved down to the edge, the separation had disappeared, leaving a clean block of wood instead of two pieces that usually slotted together. “No. No, no no. That is impossible. That is impossible.” Desperate to get out and prove that things were just one giant and completely horrible prank, she picked up a chair and thought a quick apology to her aunt before throwing it at the large window.

The chair bounced back from the window, which hadn't even been scratched by the impact.

It took a couple of seconds to sink in, before she collapsed on the floor, screaming and crying out. She had no idea what was going on. This wasn't a prank. This wasn't even the house she was thinking of. Someone had placed her in a building with no outside doors and windows that don't break. It shouldn't be possible. This shouldn't be happening.

“Oh, would you be quiet?”

She jumped, looking around for the voice that just spoke throughout the house. “Who did that? Who's doing this?” The other voice wouldn't answer back. “Let me out. Let me out!”

“No. I'm in control now.”


“I'm in control now, and I'm doing what I want.”


It almost sneered at the original owner of the body, pleading to be let out. This was a long time of planning and work to get in complete and utter control of a human body and it wasn't going to let it go before it was ready. If it were to ever let it go.

“Stephie,” someone asked. It looked up to see the body's sister, watching concerned at the person they thought they were seeing. “You okay? You were staring off down the road and didn't answer the last question.”

The smile came tightly, it being unused to the idea of smiling and happier thoughts.
“I'm fine. What did you ask?”


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