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Title: Family Fall Out
Fandom: Warehouse 13/Veronica Mars
Prompt: Loss of Identity
Medium: fic
Wordcount: 1690
Rating: PG
Warnings: Underage drug use, disowned by family,
Summary: He hid and he coped with a wall of lies to protect himself, until it crashed down word by word.

It started with Livvie.

She was one of the best things about his Mom's side, her and her Mom, his aunt. At one point, they lived close enough that he could hang out with her after school and on weekends. She was nice to him, defended him from the local bullies that teased him about his parents and when he announced lies to the rest of the kids around. She was also there when he ended up realizing he liked boys that were around instead of girls that were trying to get his attention. His first kiss was a boy from her neighborhood. She caught him and dragged him off after the kid got called over someplace. Livvie said that she thought there was nothing wrong with it, liking boys, but certain people wouldn't approve of it.

He learned that night she was talking about his parents, when he overheard them discussing a man from his work and calling him what he found out later was a slur.

There was already the lie detector he had. Livvie called it a gift, and he replied that it was one he wanted to return to the sender. At seven, he learned his parents didn't like it when he called them out on things they wanted to hide and started slamming his mouth shut until he could naturally deny his instinct to call out lies.

Was it any surprise that when he started going to parties that hosted drug usage that he tried it out? Alcohol worked for a reasonable amount but hangovers meant that lies sent sharp spikes in his head. When he worked up to smoking marijuana, he calmed down and couldn't tell lies unless they were huge, which was fantastic when he found out. The stress of having a lie detector in his head, not mentioning when people were lying about something, and the fact he was gay and dated girls to keep it covered up, it was too much pressure to go through sober.

After the clusterfuck that was Neptune and Veronica Mars (he doesn't know how drugged up he was for not realizing half the shit being passed around were lies and slander), he was shipped off to the catholic school his father threatened him with. The place may have been strict as the nunneries they were based on, but he was able to discover three lines on drugs into the school. He settled, thought about faking a recovery so they would get off his back. There would be more hiding, but it wasn't like he wasn't already doing that with everything else.

It kept up for about two months until he go pulled out of his class. Walking to the headmasters office, he thought someone had found his small stash or they knew he was still using and they wanted him to report on who was dealing so shut off the supply chains. Instead, the counselor was there and their faces were concerned and grave.

They calmly informed that Livvie was dead, murdered by a stray bullet from two gangs nearby the club she was going.

He was in heavy denial, being allowed to go back to his room where he curled up on his bed. Two gangs that were trying to scare the police managed to shoot his cousin. His cousin, his cousin that acted much more like a fucking sister and that he was closer to than his own fucking parents was murdered by a bunch of fucking supposed tough guys that were shooting guns to scare the cops.

His small stash mocked him from its hiding spot. He could dull the pain, ride a hazy for weeks and not ever deal with the initial grief, just remember her when he could fucking deal. His mind betrayed him, reminding him that gangs also sold drugs, and they were probably like the ones that his suppliers got theirs from. He took it and dumped it in the trash, walking out and placing it in the garbage bin before he could second guess himself.

Withdrawal was shit on his body and his mind, and he shot from irritated and angry to teary, sad and ashamed in five minutes. He finally cleaned up his act, to the surprise of the people in the school and his father. He stabilized enough to managed thinking about after high school, signing up for college trips. After a check on both of his parents Alma Maters, he went back to California and Hearst College.

What a mistake that was. First, running into Veronica Mars, who obviously didn't believe his change and he almost spilled out that losing someone forced him to stop fucking up. At least he could see Wallace again, the guy was actually nice to him without noticing the money behind him for more than a glance. Then, there was the one sided fight, when he tried emulating Livvie when she protected him. Being punched hurt and he decided that he might want to learn how to fight if he was going to defend people. The girl that took an interest in him was completely drunk, and he only went along with it because he had to keep up appearances. Being puked on and having her pass out was actually a good thing for him, as he got away from her after making sure she was safe and went to an all night laundry. He tried subtly watching a cute guy while his clothes were washed.

And then the girl accused him of rape and he was picked up by the police in the morning. The college that he was visiting, and possibly planning on coming to, became hostile toward him. They weren't bothering to wait for the reports. Thanks to Veronica, he was cleared, and it was exposed that her rape was the work of a repeat offender. While that lessened the looks, it didn't work with everyone. Some still thought he might have been a copycat, lying to his face as they said congratulations on his innocence. Well, he wasn't coming here, even if he wanted to be close to his possible friends again.

The rest of his senior year went well enough that when he was invited out with friends, he dropped his guard down. They met with some public school kids and while he kept to pop, he still acted like himself. He even flirted with a local guy and got his first real kiss in years.

One of the teachers caught them.

It was reported to his parents. He was outside when they told them about the sneaking out, the party even if he wasn't drinking, and the 'disgusting' kissing. Listening to the raising voices and the yelling and certain phrases flung about hurt him. It was what Livvie warned him about. He should have waited until he was safe someplace and able to take care of himself so he wouldn't have to be dependent on them and he could live the way he wanted.

They repeated a lot of what they said in the office to his face. Then they disowned him, took everything from him. No cards, no phone, no money. His stuff at home was going to be sold off or given to people. He pleaded, begged the both of them to stop. He was their son, why should that change. They left him in the hall. Then, the school forced him to pack up what he had in the rooms before being marched out to the gates. Just a few weeks from graduation, no home anymore, he was fucking hopeless and crying with the only stuff he had anymore and he was no idea what to do. It was dark by the time he managed to get to the edge of the town, the only idea he thought of while he dragged heavy bags behind him. He dropped in the park because he needed to come up with something instead of just walking around. His parents probably spread the word about their disgusting son among their friends and probably none of them would help him. Doubtful on any of his family members either, as they either agreed with him or were unable to help without repercussions.

A patrol car came by just after dark and asked about his situation. He might have looked pitiful enough, tear marks and a downtrodden look on his face, that they took him back to the station. One of the officers helped him figure out who he could call, and it worked out so easily that he felt like a failure for not getting it in the first place. Although the conclusion he came to wasn't one he wanted.

His aunt, Livvie's mom, showed up in the morning. She hugged him and thanked the officers before taking him back to New Jersey. She had to keep reassuring him, that he wasn't a burden, that this was all right, it wouldn't be a problem. He was in the living room because he refused to be in Livvie's old room, planning on cleaning the attic enough to get a bed and a dresser up there. After a small dinner, she had to tell him what his father demanded after he found out she came to his rescue. He had to have his name changed.

First, he thought the man could go to hell. It was his name as well. His life was connected to the name. Drivers license, school records, college applications. How was he supposed to keep all that? It took him a week to work things out and come to terms with it. Letting go of his previous life would hurt, losing people that he considered friends, er, friendly. Relearning what to answer to, what to sign. Picking out a name that meant something to him, and that he could live with for the rest of his life. But, he had to. Because if he kept his birth name, he wasn't going to live for very long. And he had no doubt the man that contributed his DNA wouldn't mind throwing him in jail. Apparently, just being himself pushed him farther than the drug use and the running and everything else he did. When he told her the full one he had decided on, after a day of searching, she teared up and hugged him tightly.


Tory Vandegraff had a dark gray past and parents that disowned him. Maybe Steve Jinks will have a better future.


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