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Fic: Not Ready for the Road
Fandom: The Following
summary/preview: Ryan and Debra are teaching Mike to Drive
content notes: No warnings required. Part of the Family Business series.

Mike didn't want to be up this early. He was still getting crust out of his eyes and breakfast had been pop-tarts and milk. “Where are we going?” he asked again as they passed another block.

Debra smiled at his impatience, “I'm explaining when we get there.” Mike groaned and curled up in the passengers seat, leaning his head on the window to fall asleep. It took a few more minutes before she was pulling into an empty parking lot. “Wake up,” she nudged, shaking him awake.

“Don't wanna, woke up too early,” he complained, trying to cover his head.

“Mike, wake up,” another voice intruded.

He perked when he heard the voice, confused. “Dad?” he mumbled, looking outside. Ryan was standing next to his own car. He waved when Mike saw him. He opened his door and shuffled over. “What are you doing here?”

“Mom and I agreed we would do this together.”

“We're teaching you how to drive,” she stated.

“Yes!” he shouted, arms stretching up. Then he brought them back down and puzzled over the location. “So, why aren't we just driving out on the road?”

Debra laughed, “Oh, you are not ready for that yet.”

“Empty parking lot first,” he motioned. Mike groaned. “We're using mine. It can be totaled and it wouldn't be a lost.”

“I'm not that bad of a driver,” he argued.

“You're a teenage with no experience. We're playing it safe.” He handed the keys over and got into the passenger's seat while his son took the driver's seat. After buckling and checking, Mike started the car up. “You can see the parking lines, right?”

“Yeah,” he agreed.

“Practice basic driving today. Keep to the right and turn at the ends. Get through a few rounds of that.”

Mike carefully started driving down the row, getting to the end and going back up another. He went around the entire parking lot three times before Ryan said he was done with that part. “Well, that started out well,” he said. “You haven't killed anyone yet and you haven't destroyed nothing.”

He looked over at him. “Does that mean I get to drive on the road now?”

“Not until you learn parallel parking.”


The next lesson saw Tyson showing up. The three of them had set up an obstacle course similar to the ones that Mike had been seeing for several weeks. “I already have to do these,” he complained, getting out of the car.

“And practice makes perfect,” Tyson pointed out, “But we're also going to be driving around.”

“Simulating real world driving,” Debra added. “Actual cars to work around.”

“Why can't I just go out on the road yet?” he asked.

“You do this, you can next time,” Ryan finished, wrapping an arm around his shoulder. “Come on, Tyson and I need to get back to work soon.”

This round was a little harder. Mike kept having to stop when Tyson and Debra would cut him off purposely. The various stops jarred Ryan. He watched the panic on Mike's face every time. After a couple of hours, he was getting better at anticipating Debra and Tyson, but he was still stopping sharply and not able to deal with a few of the close ups they had.

“And this is why you're not ready for the open road.”

“Mom and Tyson are doing that purposely!” he accused.

“Because that's what other people do,” he defended. He clapped his shoulder, hopefully comforting. “Now, why don't you go and study for your science test and we'll do this next week?”

“Okay,” he nodded, “Thanks, Dad.”

“You're welcome. Now go tell Mom and Tyson. You're probably not the only one scared.”


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