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John finished off the last stack of paperwork he had in his office from his captivity time. It was probably the only good part of Hellboy not being around; he wasn't around to contribute to his paperwork and add his. He was planning on taking Lara, the Junditto that adopted him, out to run around before he rested for the next call out, or the next day of paperwork. When he opened his door, his desk phone rang. “Right on time,” he wryly joked, walking back over, “Agent Myers.”

“It's Phil; there's an entity here searching the Junditto,” he told him, “Claims they're his and wants to know who awoken them.”

“Manning's not taking the call, is he?”


“Same park.”


He sighed, “Give me an hour.”

SHIELD agents had the area surrounded. He was stopped by two before Clint and Natasha walked up to escort him in. They navigated him to a point so he could back put the garbage truck to let the Junditto into the secured space. Lara bounded out first, walking around John while the others moved out slower.

Phil was talking to a tall figure in a parody of their first meeting. John saw the intricate detail on the robes and hypothesized it was a high priest (another guy, he noted, I hope this one doesn't try to kidnap me) or royalty of some sort. Lara stepped forward, but looked back to him when he didn't walk forward. 'She' whined and tugged on his sleeve to drag him forward.

The others had gathered around and he noticed the missing one until John came into his view with the fourth. “Jhaila is attracted to you,” he commented, “Usually, she is not a big fan of humans.”

Well, I got the gender right. “I've seen that,” he noted, “Agent Myers, Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense.”

“Oh,” he frowned, “You humans again. Tell me, is the half demon still there?”

“No,” he wavered, “How do you know about Hellboy?”

“I met him, once,” he dismissed.

“'Met' wouldn't be the appropriate phrase, brother,” someone interred. Another figure, just as tall, walked up. Jhaila went over and sat by her feet, preening under the attention. “My name is Nuala. This is my brother, Nuada. Please, how has Abraham fared?”

Caught, John started trying to say that Abe was fine, physically because he didn't get to talk to him after their last encounter. “Amusing,” Nuada belittled, listening to him babble. Coulson threw an unamused glance at him before stopping John.

“Wait, wait,” he insisted, pulling out his cell phone. “I can call him; the two of you can talk?”

She walked over and he brought up Abe's number. After trying to explain, he just handed over the phone, pointing out where to talk and where to listen before handing it off. Nuala was ecstatic, talking rapidly with Abe over what happened. Nuada didn't look particularly happy. Instead of focusing on his sister, he focused on John. After a minute, he began to get uncomfortable with the attention. “Is there something you want to ask? Anything I can help you with, provided it's not illegal or immoral for me?” he inquired.

He stared at him. “You're actually asking? Most wait until I order them.”

“Well, I'm trying to be nice.” And the staring's kinda freaking me out.

If it were possible to read his face, he would swear the prince (more and more of the incident report was resurfacing in his mind and he hoped Red wouldn't show up) was raising an eyebrow at what he thought. Can they read minds? I already had to deal with Professor Xavier. He possibly reacted to his next thought. Oh, god.

Coulson decided to turn the attention back onto him. “Sir, if this takes care of the apparent problem, our agencies need copies of the incident. His will also need to report the returning of the Junditto to the rightful owners. Statements collected at this moment would be appreciated,” he dictated.

“Humans,” he grumbled.

“Brother,” she reasoned, "They have their records as we have ours."

“This is a waste.”

"We do this to make sure future agents from either of our agencies don't have problems with either you or the Junditto running around," Coulson explained.

Not happy, he muttered an agreement and John offered to take his statement while Coulson talked to Nuala. After ten minutes, they both completed their forms and agreed to just trade information once the twins left. Satisfied, they prepared to leave. Jhaila came back and licked John's hand once before rejoining Nuada's side. The group left down a tunnel that must have been created for them.

"Well, there goes my only chance for a pet," John quipped.

"You'll have other chances."

"Yeah, but I already named her. And I got the gender right." John's phone rang and he answered it without checking. "Agent Myers."

"Nuada still there?” Hellboy growled.

“No, he’s not,” he informed. “And he didn’t kill or maim anyone. I don’t know what your problem is. I was nice to him and he tolerated me.”

There was a struggle on the other end and Liz could be heard. “That’s because Hellboy doesn’t know how to do nice,” she lamented.

“Don’t know why I should be nice to that bastard,” he grumbled.

“Because it wouldn’t have gotten you killed,” she shot back, “And he might have reconsidered the whole destroy humanity thing.”

“Don’t think it would have helped. He was set on destroying them no matter once.”

Coulson grabbed the phone from John, overhearing the conversation. “He won’t be now,” he revealed.

“How do you know that?” he asked.

“He likes John.”

“What?” he roared. Abe was laughing in the background while Liz questioned what was happening. He apparently calmed himself down to explain to her. Then she started laughing.

“The Junditto that attached to John was his apparent familiar of sorts. Since it liked John, he probably will come back to try and court him, as he is a worthy companion. According to Nuala,” he informed.

“Manning’s not going to like that,” he said, amused.

“I’m not sure if I like that,” John protested, “Why would he be interested in me?”

“It’s your pure heart,” Coulson recited, “It’s a sign of a good soul, and a good partner.”

John asked, “Abe, what would Nuada do to ‘woo’ me?”

“Fight battles alongside you,” he mentioned, “Bring presents.”

“Watch it, Boy Scout, you may end up with something you can't take back,” Hellboy laughed.

“It would be hard to take him to the family reunions,” Coulson commented.

“I don't think I'm the one we have to worry about,” John prodded, “How would you explain your.... romantic entanglements to Abbi and Ben?”

Someone told him. “Who was it?”

“I have no idea what you're talking about,” he refuted. Coulson tried to glare him into telling him, but he wasn't breaking. Yet. He went back to the people on the phone. “So, how do I expect Nuada?” he asked, then changed course, “Is there any way of warning him off of dropping things at headquarters?”

“Nope,” Hellboy said, a little too enthusiastic.

“Great,” he moaned, “Just what I need.”

“You could send a note the first time he does something,” Liz piped up, getting the phone away from her boyfriend.

“What if that doesn't work?” he questioned.

“Hope that you are there to receive whatever he sends,” Abe said unhelpfully.

“And that Manning doesn't send you back to Antarctica,” Hellboy added.

“You're the reason I was sent there in the first place!” he shouted, before calming himself down.

“Maybe you need a boyfriend, Boy Scout,” Hellboy joked.

“I believe John and I should be getting back to our respective workplaces,” Coulson ended, “Goodbye.”

“I'll see you guys later,” he assured, before it was finally disconnected. His brother then went back to staring at him to try and figure out who told him about his relationship. The staring was unnerving, but he ignored it. Mostly. “I'm not telling you who gave me the information.” He just stared more intensely, hoping to throw him off. Instead, his brother walked toward the garbage truck. “Possibly see you later, Phil,” he yelled out of the window.

He waved back and watched it drive off before rounding up the agents that had been cleaning up. He had to go home and figure out who told John about his relationship with Clint and Natasha.

Oh, hey, you got to the end. Pat yourself on the back. Now, if you couldn't figure out, I am a nerd and a geek. So, hints to other fandoms make their way in. Here's a handy guide. Jake is part of the Impossible Missions Force, which is the main spy organization in the Mission Impossible movies. Clint knowing about Will was inevitable; two people sharing the same face would be noticed. The NIA that was mentioned is from Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman. It was the organization that Jimmy's dad was apart of. Ben Myers being in Maine when vampires were around. Salem's Lot. I like the book or the 2004 TNT movie for Ben. (The hint about Michigan was actually the TNT movie.) Also, he got help from Coulson getting custody of Mark. Coulson totally knew. And there were the occasional hints to X Men from Xavier's and John meeting the man.

I think that's it. Thank you for reading.

Edit, not it. The team that went with Hellboy, Liz and Abe were named after Mystery Science Theater 3000. I didn't get Cambot in.

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